Chairman of the Board

Mohamed Arif bin Abdul Rashid

En. Arif is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) (UK), a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA) and a member of Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM). He also holds a Diploma in Business Studies from Universiti Teknologi MARA.

He served Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad for 20 years until his retirement in 2004 as President Director (CEO) of its subsidiary PT Syarikat Takaful Indonesia. Prior to that he served as General Manager, Finance and Administration cum Company Secretary from 1997 to 2001.

He also served on the board of the Asean Retakaful International Limited (Labuan) (ARILL) from 1997 to 2004, a board member and subsequently the Deputy Chairman of Koperasi Belia Islam (M) Berhad from 2010 to 2017, and a board member of Al-Islam Specialist Hospital, Kuala Lumpur from 2004 to 2015.


Hasri bin Harun

En. Hasri is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Accounting, Finance and Muamalat, Faculty of Business and Accountancy University of Selangor (UNISEL) and the Director of Centre of Research Excellence and the Director Institute of Maqasid Syariah since 2016.

He also sits on the board of Koperasi PKPIM Berhad and a Secretary of Shariah Advisory Committee of Koperasi Belia Islam (M) Berhad ), He was a member of the Internal Audit Committee of the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) and a Member of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department Sermons Panel (JAIS).

Hasri obtained a Bachelor Degree in Fiqh and Usul Fiqh from International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) in 2000 and Master’s of Islamic Studies from National Universiti of Malaysia (UKM) in 2006. He is an Associate Member of the Association of Shariah Advisor in Islamic Finance (ASAS).

Managing Director

M. Aminuddin bin Ismail

En. Aminuddin assumed his current position in October 2022. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Hull, United Kingdom and an MBA from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

He joined Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad in 2002 and served as a Senior Manager. He was seconded to PT Asuransi Takaful Keluarga, Indonesia in 2002 as its Finance Director and subsequently in 2004 as its President Director.

He then served Arabian Malaysian Takaful Company (AMTC), a subsidiary of Dallah Barakah Group, Saudi Arabia from 2007 until 2009. Subsequently he ran his own business until he joined Afsha Shariah.

He is a certified trainer by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) of the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.


Shariah Advisor

YBhg Dato’ Mohd Mokhtar bin Shafii

Dato’ Mokhtar graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and Master of Arts in Islamic Studies majoring in Shariah from University of Malaya. He also holds a Diploma in Education from Kolej Islam Malaya.

He was a lecturer at the International Islamic University Malaysia from 1983 to 1997 and held the position of the Dean of Centre for Fundamental Knowledge for seven years, during which he was also a Senate Member of the university.

He is currently a Shariah Committee member of the Fatwa Councils for Selangor and senior members of the Islamic Religious Councils for Selangor.

Over the last 26 years, he used to serve as a Shariah Committee member in several organisations including Takaful Ikhlas Berhad (as Chairman of its Shariah Advisory Committee), Lembaga Tabung Haji, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad, OCBC Al-Amin Berhad and Exim Bank Berhad. He was also a member of the Expert Consultation Panel of Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), and a Shariah Committee member of the Fatwa Councils for Pahang.

Shariah Advisor

Dr. Abdul Halim bin Muhammad

Dr. Abdul Halim graduated with BA in Syariah Law from Al-Azhar University in Egypt and Ph.D in Syariah from University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

He retired as an Associate Professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2010 after serving as a lecturer for 33 years. 

He has served as Shariah Advisor and Shariah committee member at several corporate organisation such as Tabung Haji, Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission Malaysia, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Takaful Nasional as well as financial institutions namely, Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad, RHB Bank Berhad and Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad. In addition, he has served as Shariah Advisor at Al-‘Aqar Healthcare REIT of Johor Corporation Group.

Currently he serves as a member of the Shariah Committee of Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Berhad (ANGKASA), and as chairman of the Shariah Committee of Amanah Saham Darul Iman (ASDI).

Shariah Advisor

Dr. Khairul Anuar bin Ahmad

Dr. Khairul Anuar currently serves as Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Shariah and Law, International Islamic University College Selangor. His specialised areas are Fiqh Muamalat (Islamic Law of transaction) as well as Islamic Economics and Banking.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Shariah from University of Malaya and obtained his Master Degree in Shariah from the same university. He then obtained his PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance from International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).

Dr. Khairul Anuar previously served as the Shariah Committee member of HSBC Amanah (M) Berhad and HSBC Amanah Takaful (M) Berhad since 2005, and FWD Takaful Berhad. He currently serves as a Group Shariah Committee member of MNRB Group of companies and Chairman of Shariah Committee, OCBC Al-Amin Bank Berhad.

Shariah Advisor

Mohd Rofaizal bin Ibhraim

Ust. Mohd Rofaizal graduated from Faculty of Islamic Law International University of Africa, Khartoum, Sudan and MBA in Islamic Finance from the Graduate School of Business, National University of Malaysia (UKM).

Previously, he was a Head of Shariah at Koperasi Pembiayaan Syariah ANGKASA Berhad (KOPSYA). He also has experience in Shariah Audit on operational aspects of business which generally includes procedures to test the integrity of regulatory reports, information systems and other aspect of operations as part of review.

In 2008, he joined Afsha Shariah Advisory Sdn. Bhd. as Shariah Manager and his main task was Research, Development and Due Diligence.

Having experience performing training and research and development as well as conducting due diligence as and when required by client regardless from government, institutions, communities or individual. It includes the feature of market research on a primary or secondary basis for organizations that wish to introduce Islamic financial products. Preparation of related information about Shariah issues in financial matters.

Currently, Mohd Rofaizal is a lecturer at the International Islamic University of Selangor and pursuing his Ph.D in Shariah at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). He also serves as a Shariah Committee member of OCBC Al-Amin Bank Berhad.

Shariah Advisor

Abdul Rashid bin Abd Kadir

En. Abdul Rashid obtained his MBA and Bachelor of Art (Honours), majoring in Economics, from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). He also holds a Diploma in Education and Diploma in Islamic Studies from the same university.

He was a member of Shariah Committee of Export Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad (2008-2011), a member of Steering Committee for the setting-up of a yet-to-be-launched Islamic Bank (2010), member of Training Committee and Examination Committee for Certified Credit Professional – Islamic (CCP-i) under Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM: 2005-2007 and 2008-2010) and a consultant on Islamic Banking System (as Subject Matter Expert-SME) with an IT company.

He has 15 years working experience in Islamic Banking as Head of Consumer Banking Division, Area Manager, Branch Manager and Head of Islamic Banking Window. He also has 15 years working experience with conventional banks, in various areas, including as Coordinator for setting up of Islamic Banking Department/window.

He is a member of Association of Shariah Advisory in Islamic Finance Malaysia (ASAS) and currently is a teaching fellow at the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF).


Mohamed Arif bin Abdul Rashid

SME for Takaful

Please refer to his profile on Board of Directors section

M. Aminuddin bin Ismail

SME for Takaful

Please refer to his profile on Board of Directors section

Johari bin Jonid

SME for Islamic Banking

Johari graduated with Bachelor Business Management majoring in Financial Analysis from University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

He has 25 years working experience in Islamic Banking as Assistant Manager, Manager, Assistant Vice President and his last post with Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad was Vice President, Group Shariah Advisory.

Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Jeddah, has engaged Johari as a speaker on Islamic Banking for EXIM Bank of Iran, Agriculture Bank of Iran and Melli Bank of Iran in 2000; Saudi-Bangladesh Bank of Bangladesh, Industrial Development Bank of Bangladesh in 2000; EXIM Bank of Egypt in 1998 and subsequently National bank of Egypt in 2000.

Johari was appointed by IDB as its resource person to develop a business model for Islamic banks in Benin and Burkina Faso in 1998 and 2002 respectively.

Abdul Rashid bin Abd Kadir

SME for Islamic Banking

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Mohd Rofaizal bin Ibhraim

SME for Shariah Audit

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Dr. Zainal bin Samicho

SME for Halal Industry

Dr. Zainal obtained his B.Sc (Hons) Physics from the University of Malaya, M.Sc (Food Science & Microbiology) from the University of Stratchlyde and PhD (Food Engineering) from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

He was a lecturer at Universiti Teknologi MARA for 34 years until his retirement in 2016. His last positions were as an Associate Professor in food science and technology and Head of School of Industry Technology, Faculty of Applied Science.

His fields of specialization are food technology (juice processing), food product development and Halal food. He won a gold medal at the 36th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland (2-6 April 2008) for the Production of Low Cholesterol Prawn Using Yoghurt and also won a gold medal in Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX) 2008 in Pittsburgh, USA (11-14 June 2008) for Optimization in Determination of Formaldehyde Content in Mackerel using Modified AOAC 931.08.

He was a member of Halal Technical Committee JAKIM in producing Malaysian standards such as MS1500:2004 and MS1500:2009 (Halal Food – Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage – General Guideline), MS777:2010 (Instant Coffee – Specification), and MS2200-2:2013 (Islamic Consumer Goods – Part 2: Usage of animal bone, skin and hair).

He was also accredited consultant of MS1500:2009 [Halal Food – Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage], MS1900:2014 [Shariah-based Quality Management Systems-Requirements with Guidance], MS2300:2009 [Value-Based Management System Management Systems – Requirements from An Islamic Perspective] and MS2400:2010 Halalan-Toyyiban Assurance Pipeline – Transportation, Warehousing and Retailing].

Currently Dr Zainal is a panel member for the inspection and approval of Halal Sign of Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor.

Abu Yaziz bin Brahim

SME for Enterprise Risk Management and Shariah Audit

Abu Yaziz is a seasoned banker, having served Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad and subsequently Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad for a total of 31 years and retired in 2011 as Vice President of Credit Operations. Prior to that he was the bank’s Chief Internal Auditor for 8 years, Deputy Chief Internal Auditor for 6 years.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from Oklahoma City University, United States which he received in 1993.

He is currently a freelance trainer on his subject matters of expertise.

Md Azmi Abu Bakar

SME for Takaful

Azmi is a qualified and an experienced takaful practitioner with 30 years of experience in the overall management of takaful operations with over 20 years at senior positions and top management levels.

Azmi graduated with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Statistics and Actuarial Science from The University of Iowa, USA.

Azmi was involved in setting up of a number of new takaful operators in the region and globally. His latest contribution was in the setting up and launching of Noor Takaful, Dubai, where he was primarily responsible for developing the company’s business model, drawing up feasibility study, business plan, organization structure and resource planning, in addition to ensuring the operational frameworks were structured fully incompliance with the Shariah. He then served as one of the management members of Noor Takaful, after it was formally incorporated under The Dubai Group.

Prior to joining Noor Takaful, Azmi served Takaful Malaysia at various positions and responsibilities covering products development, sales, underwriting, claims, retakaful (reinsurance) and actuarial functions. His last positions were General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and latest Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Malaysia prior to venturing to Dubai. With all these exposures Azmi brought with him extensive experience in the business operations as well as overall management of the business at the top level.

Azmi sat as a board member of a number of local and international institutions since 2002. These include Board of Director Asuransi Takaful Keluarga Indonesia, Amana Takaful Limited Sri Lanka and Arab Malaysian Takaful Company Jeddah.

Azmi currently affiliate with First International Consulting (FIC), a financial consulting training and advisory specializing in Islamic banking, capital market, takaful and other areas of Islamic finance, as a resource person and consultant. Azmi also involve in a number of training programs organized at the industry level.

Azmi has conducted over 100 public lectures and talks on various takaful related topics both locally and internationally.


M. Aminuddin bin Ismail

Managing Director

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